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Find info about livestock feed on Feedipedia!
Find info about livestock feed on Feedipedia! (Credits: United Soybean Board)
Yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus) field
Yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus) field (Credits: Gggirald)
Rice straw on the ground after the harvest, Central Vietnam
Rice straw on the ground after the harvest, Central Vietnam (Credits: Gilles Tran, AFZ)
Freedom Rangers broilers
Freedom Ranger broilers (Credits: Cowgirl Jules)
Feedipedia is an online encyclopedia of animal feeds
Feedipedia is an online encyclopedia of animal feeds (Credits: Iwan Beijes)
A bag of cotton seeds for cattle
A bag of cotton seeds for cattle (Credits: Thamizhpparithi Maari)

Feedipedia: an on-line encyclopedia of animal feeds

Feedipedia is an open access information system on animal feed resources that provides information on nature, occurrence, chemical composition, nutritional value and safe use of nearly 1400 worldwide livestock feeds. It is a joint project of INRA, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO. Read more...

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Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris)

Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.) is a valuable tropical grass cultivated in... Read more

Buffalo grass (Paspalum conjugatum)

Buffalo grass (Paspalum conjugatum P. J. Bergius) is a spreading perennial grass... Read more

Blue panic (Panicum antidotale), Molokai, Hawaii

Blue panic (Panicum antidotale Retz.) is a vigorous, tufted perennial grass that... Read more

Industrial spray dryer in Germany

Blood can be collected during the slaughter of various livestock species (cattle, pigs,... Read more

Blanket grass (Axonopus compressus) sward, Maui, Hawaii

Blanket grass (Axonopus compressus (Sw.) P. Beauv.) is a robust creeping... Read more

Black gram (Vigna mungo) seeds

Black gram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) is an erect, fast-growing annual,... Read more

Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) cut for cattle, Alexandria, Egypt

Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) is one of the most important leguminous... Read more

Birdwood grass (Cenchrus setiger) spike

Birdwood grass (Cenchrus setiger Vahl) is a tufted perennial grass up to 70-100... Read more

Bauhinia (Bauhinia thonningii) tree, Malawi

Bauhinia thonningii is a legume tree 4 to 15 m high, with a round crown. The... Read more

Barley grain

Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is one of the main cereal crops. With 150 million... Read more

Barbadinho (Desmodium barbatum) habit, Zimbabwe

Desmodium barbatum (L.) Benth is a short-lived perennial, erect, more or less... Read more

Banana peels

Banana peels are the outer envelopes of banana fruits. They are the by-product of... Read more

Banana trunk, North Vietnam

While banana production is a fruit crop, it generates large amounts of forage material... Read more

Pig eating bananas

Bananas are the fruits of the banana tree (Musa sp.). Bananas grow in bunches... Read more

Banana plant at Kew Gardens, UK

Banana (Musa sp.) is one of the major fruit crops, cultivated in all warm and... Read more

Bahia grass

Bahia grass (Paspalum notatum Flügge) is a perennial rhizomatous grass, up to 1... Read more

Babul (Acacia nilotica) tree, general habit, Morocco

Babul (Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Delile) is a medium sized, thorny, nearly... Read more

Desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria)

Locusts, grasshoppers (mostly Acrididae and Pyrgomorphidae), crickets (Gryllidae) and... Read more

Wheat stubble

Straw is the crop residue consisting of the dry stems and leaves left after the harvest... Read more

Palm (Elaeis guineensis) bunches on tree

Palm kernel meal is an important feed ingredient and the by-product of the oil palm (... Read more

Babassu (Attalea speciosa), Maranhao, Brazil

Babassu (Attalea speciosa Mart. ex Spreng.) is an erect perennial evergreen palm... Read more


Broadening horizons

Keerti S. Rathore, Thomas C. Wedegaertner, and Kater Hake

Cotton plant is not only the most important source of natural textile fibre in the world but also one of the most important source of oil and cottonseed meal that can make available 10.8 million tons crude protein per year. However, the nutritive value of this protein is hampered by a toxic substance, gossypol, present in seed glands. Gossypol is detrimental to monogastric animals as well as humans. However, it acts as a deterrent to pests and is beneficial for the plant. This article reports use of new generation biotechnologies to engineer a cotton plant that resulted in the reduction of gossypol from ~10,000 ppm to about 250 ppm in only the seed, without affecting gossypol levels in other parts of the plant and thus maintaining the pest-deterrent traits. Cottonseed meal produced from such ultra-low gossypol cotton has potential use in the diets of poultry, pigs and aquatic species.

Recent resources

Ileal digestible amino acid values in feedstuffs for poultry Ileal digestible amino acid values in feedstuffs for poultry - Bryden et al., 2009. June 2009, RIRDC Publication No 09/071

This RIRDC publication will be a useful resource for the poultry industry, especially nutritionists and those engaged in poultry protein and amino acid research as differences in amino acid digestibility can be effectively used to improve the precision of feed formulation.

Utilization of fruit and vegetable wastes as animal feed - FAO, 2017. FAO, Rome, Italy

These set of four videos describe processes to utilize baby corn byproducts and wastes, empty pea pods, kinnow waste and tomato pomace as livestock feed. Impact of their feeding on livestock productivity has also been illustrated.

Utilization of baby corn by-products as livestock feed

Utilization of kinnow (mandarin) waste as livestock feed 

Use of empty pea pods

Utilization of tomato pomace as livestock feed


FeedAccess: a software designed to optimize formulas at least cost for poultry, pigs and aquaculture species - FeedAccess, 2017. FeedAccess

FeedAccess provides a free formulation tool and access to an important raw material database and most common animal feed formulas used in livestock farming. FeedAccess is designed for layers, broilers, pigs and sows diets.

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