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Moluccan albizia (Falcataria moluccana)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This datasheet is pending revision and updating; its contents are currently derived from FAO's Animal Feed Resources Information System (1991-2002) and from Bo Göhl's Tropical Feeds (1976-1982).


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Common names 
Albizzia, moluccan albizia, batai wood, sau, malesia
Adenanthera falcata L., Adenanthera falcataria L., Adenanthera falcatoria L., Albizia eymae Fosberg, Albizia falcata sensu auct., Albizia falcata (L.) Backer, Albizia falcataria (L.) Fosberg, Albizia falcatoria (L.) Fosberg, Albizia fulva Lane-Poole, Albizia moluccana Miq., Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) I.C. Nielsen, Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) I.C. Nielsen subsp. falcataria (L.)I.C.Nielsen, Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) I.C. Nielsen subsp. fulva (Lane-Poole)I.C.Nielsen, Paraserianthes falcatoria (L.) I.C. Nielsen
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Fast growing legume tree (to 5 m annual height increment and 15 cm diameter increment. Timber used for tea-chests and fuel.
Native to the eastern islands of the Indonesian archipelago (Moluccas) and New Guinea, this species has been spread to Southeast Asia from Burma to the Philippines, and introduced locally in tropical Africa and America.
Nutritional aspects
Report from Indonesia as highly palatable species for rabbits.
Nutritional tables
Tables of chemical composition and nutritional value 
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