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Freedom Rangers broilers
Freedom Ranger broilers (Credits: Cowgirl Jules)
A bag of cotton seeds for cattle
A bag of cotton seeds for cattle (Credits: Thamizhpparithi Maari)
Find info about livestock feed on Feedipedia!
Find info about livestock feed on Feedipedia! (Credits: United Soybean Board)
Rice straw on the ground after the harvest, Central Vietnam
Rice straw on the ground after the harvest, Central Vietnam (Credits: Gilles Tran, AFZ)

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The 6th International Feed Conference organized by IMR, JRC, RIKILT, and CRA-W will be held from 25-26 October in Bergen (Norway). The conference aims at bringing together researchers, public organizations, industry and NGOs to reflect on and discuss the current and future challenges for feed. More information at https://feed2018.hi.no/

6th International Feed Conference

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Sunflower heads

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Sudan grass field, Eastern Ethiopia

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Extraction of sugarcane juice, India

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St Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) in coconut plantation

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Sorghum grains, France

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Sorghum plant

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Rabbits eating sorghum brewer's grain

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Sporobulus indicus, Central Vietnam

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Siratro (Macroptilium atropurpureum) stand, trailing habit, Hawaii

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Silverleaf desmodium (Desmodium uncinatum), leaves and flowers

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Sicklebush (Dichrostachys cinerea)

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Dried shrimp heads, Indonesia

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Acacia seyal leaf

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Sheanuts, Burkina Faso

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Sesban (Sesbania sesban) foliage, India

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Scrobic (Paspalum scrobiculatum)

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Saltbush (Salvadora persica), leaves and flowers

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Sal (Shorea robusta), new leaves with flower buds at Jayanti, Duars

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Broadening horizons

By Harinder P.S. Makkar, Emily Addonizio and Lemma Gizachew

To better monitor the national and regional livestock sectors and formulate adequate development strategies, it is essential to develop systematic approaches to accurately assess livestock feed supplies and obtain better insight into how feed resources are being utilized. The latter information on use of feed resources is achieved by characterizing the feeding systems. A detailed information on feeding systems in lowlands of Ethiopia is presented here. Also approaches to meet the deficiency of animal feed in the dry seasons are presented.

Recent resources

Ethiopia: feed inventory Ethiopia: report on feed inventory and feed balance - FAO, 2018. FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy

This document presents an inventory and balance of feeds available in Ethiopia so that the country can be aware of its needs, resource availability, gaps, implications and how the gap can be filled within the country. This will make feed interventions in the country effective in the immediate, medium and long term as well as provide solutions for replication in the region.

World livestock: Transforming the livestock sector through the Sustainable Development Goals World Livestock: Transforming the livestock sector through the Sustainable Development Goals - FAO, 2018. FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy

The livestock sector can play a key role in addressing, directly or indirectly, sustainable development goals (SDGs). While, for decades, the livestock debate has focused on how to increase production in a sustainable manner, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has added a new and broader dimension to the debate. It has shifted the emphasis of the conversation from fostering sustainable production per se, to enhancing the sector’s contribution to the achievement of the SDGs.

Technological innovation and education training in animal production with a focus on feeding and feed production Technological Innovation and education training in animal production with a focus on feeding and feed production - NAU, 2018. Belt and Road Workshop on technological innovation and education training in animal production, 10-13 May 2018, Nanjing, China

Held within the Belt and Road Initiative, this document is the synthesis of a workshop organised to facilitate the communication of policy, technology, education and culture among the countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ route. It focuses on the development of novel ideas for the livestock sector development, building of a cooperation and exchange platform for livestock science and technology innovation, facilitation of the exchange of green livestock science and technology, promotion of mutual understanding and trust, advocation of the transformation and upgradation of livestock industry, and acceleration of the pace of livestock industry modernization.

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