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EvaPig, 2010. INRA, Ajinomoto Eurolysine SAS, AFZ

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EvaPig, 2010. EvaPig: A calculator of energy, amino acid and phosphorus values of ingredients and diets for growing and adult pigs. INRA, Ajinomoto Eurolysine SAS, AFZ

EvaPig®: pig feed evaluation made easy

EvaPig® offers the most advanced nutritional systems for pigs: net energy valuesileal standardised amino acid digestibilities and phosphorus digestibilities.

EvaPig® will help you to:

  • Minimize feed costs: because energy is the main component of the feed cost, it is highly beneficial to use net energy as this system closely matches animal requirements. Particularly, the net energy system allows for lower protein contents in the diets while maintaining or increasing production results. Less energy wasted in heat production and urine = more efficient, less costly feeds.
  • Minimize nitrogen and phosphorus excretion in the environment: using standardised ileal digestible amino acids (rather than total or apparent digestible amino acids) and phosphorus digestibility (rather than total phosphorus) makes it possible to use less nitrogen and phosphorus in the diet, leading to less environmental pollution.
  • Control the variability of ingredients: don’t let variability be a liability! Fixed table values only go so far when it comes to represent the nutritional values of variable ingredients and diets. With EvaPig®, calculate accurate values for your own ingredients using their exact chemical compositions. You will be able to fine-tune the nutritional values of classic ingredients such as maize or soybean meal, and to create nutritional values for new ingredients.
  • Adapt the nutritional values to your particular conditions of production: values are available both for growing and adult pigs, and the energy values can be customized for ingredients or diets if necessary.
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EvaPig, 2010