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Boudouma, 2010. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 22 (2)

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Boudouma, D., 2010. Prediction models of the metabolisable energy of wheat brans. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 22 (2)
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Modèles de prédiction de l’énergie métabolisable de sons de blé


By products of wheat have been used for a long time in Algeria for the poultry production. Therefore, the chemical composition of 18 samples of bran of wheat produced in Algeria was evaluated and their metabolisable energy content was measured in growing chickens. The results of chemical analysis were used to establish prediction equations of the ME value.

The results of chemical composition, show that wheat bran produced locally had more starch than those published by institutions. The mean EM value of the local wheat bran is 9,04 MJ / kg DM. The chemical components and EM value of the studied wheat bran were statistically (P < 0, 001) affected by the factor sample. Crude fiber is a good predictor of the ME value (R = 0, 95; rsd = 0,19 MJ / kg DM ; P < 0,05).

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Boudouma, 2010