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Villamide et al., 1989. J. Appl. Rabbit Res., 12 (3): 152-155

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Villamide, M. J. ; De Blas, J. C. ; Carabano, R., 1989. Nutritive value of cereal by-products for rabbits. 2. Wheat bran, corn gluten feed and dried distillers grains and solubles. J. Appl. Rabbit Res., 12 (3): 152-155

Thirty-six New Zealand White x Californian rabbits (nine per diet) were used to determine the nutritive value of three cereal by-products: wheat bran (WE), corn gluten feed (CGF) and dry distillers grains and solubles (DDGS). The nutritive value was estimated by the substitution method using a basal diet with a low energy content (2200 kcal DE/kg DM) and a high energy to protein ratio (25 kcal DE/g digestible protein) Incorporation level was 47% basal diet + 50% of the studied by-product + 3% minerals. Basal diet contained barley (28.6%), wheat straw (32%) soybean meal 44 (8.1%) alfalfa hay (28.3%), dl methionine (0.1%) bentonite (2.3%), NaCl (0.5%) + mineral premix (2%).

Although the fiber content of the feedstuffs studied was similar, energy and fiber (ADF) digestibility increased in the order WE, CGF and DDGS: 59.4, 65.0 and 74.0%; 9.6, 27.7 and 58.3%, respectively. Digestibility of crude protein did not follow this trend, being 66.6, 61.4 and 70.1%, respectively. Coefficients of variation of digestibility of energy, crude protein and acid detergent fibre were on average 3.0, 4.3 and 16.1%, respectively. Proposed DE content were 2727,  3021 and 3727 kcal / kg, for WE, CGF and DDGS.

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Villamide et al., 1989