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Blas et al., 2000. 7th World Rabbit Congress, Valencia Spain, Vol. C : 139-143

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Blas, E. ; Fernández-Carmona, J. ; Cervera, C. ; Pascual, J. J., 2000. Digestible Energy of different wheat brans for rabbits. 7th World Rabbit Congress, Valencia Spain, Vol. C : 139-143

Ninety New Zealand  Californian rabbits were used to determine the energy value of eight samples of wheat bran (4 of coarse wheat bran and 4 of fine wheat bran) for rabbits. Each bran was introduced at 49% +49% basal diet + 2% minerals & vitamins.

There were no significant differences in the mean chemical composition of the different types (coarse and fine) of wheat bran analysed. Wheat brans showed similar mean acid-detergent fibre content (119 and 116 g ADF kg-1 DM for coarse and fine wheat bran, respectively) and mean crude protein content (170 and 172 g CP kg-1 DM, respectively). As a consequence of the individual differences in composition of the eight brans, a relatively great range of variation of digestible energy was observed (10.72 to 13.74 MJ/kg DM). Both crude fibre and ADF were good predictors of the DE values (R² = 0.83 and 0.84, respectively; P<0.001).

DE (MJ/kg DM) = 19.028 - 0.7295 CF(% DM)  R²= 0.824 SE = 0.5064

DE (MJ/kg DM) = 19.927 - 0.6267 ADF(% DM) R²= 0.836 SE = 0.4890 

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Blas et al., 2000