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Furlan et al., 1994. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 23 (5): 823-828

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Furlan, A. C. ; Tafuri, M. L. ; Rostagno, H. S. ; Scapinello, C. ; Donzele, J. L., 1994. Digestibility of phosphorus in rice bran soybean meal and wheat bran in growing rabbits. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 23 (5): 823-828
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Digestibilidade do fósforo dos farelos de arroz, de soja e de trigo, para coelhos em crescimento



From 45 to 55 days old 16 male White New Zealand rabbits were given a basal diet based on maize, maize meal and soybean meal with 0.25% phosphorus or other diets containing soybean meal (37.04%), wheat bran (16.00%) or rice bran (10.53%) to replace the basal diet so that each feed supplied 0.20% P. Total faeces were collected daily. Digestibility of P in rice bran was 15.33, in soybean meal 64.92 and in wheat bran 55.52%.

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Furlan et al., 1994