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Medjekal et al., 2011. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 23 (3): 46

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Medjekal, S; Arhab, R. ; Bousseboua, H., 2011. Nutritive value assessment of some desert by-products by gas production and rumen fermentation in vitro. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 23 (3): 46

The main objective of this study is assessing the nutritive value of agricultural by-products dry palm leave, Aristida pungens in comparison to barley straw by chemical analysis, rumen fermentation characteristics and gas production technique in vitro. A quantitative analysis of gases produced from dry palm leaves was compared to that of Drin and barley straw which are common feeds in the semi arid and arid regions of Algeria.

The results obtained show that the activity of goats’ rumen microflora is very important on the studied substrate of the arid regions, which indicates very significant digestibility coefficient. This situation is certainly due to the high content of barley straw of total soluble sugars and thus more easily fermentable. For dry palm leaves, the value of in vitro gas digestibility is 49.8 ℅. It is close to that of Drinn, probably owing to the fact that these substrates present almost the same level of lignin and of cellular wall contents.

These results suggest a high potential of integrating dry palm leaves in ruminants’ feed in these areas leading to overcoming the problems of maintaining feed supply. 

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Medjekal et al., 2011