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Luna Palomera et al., 2010. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 22 (10)

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Luna Palomera, C. ; Berumen Alatorre, A. C. ; Aguilar Cabrales, J. A. ; Cansino Arroyo, G. R., 2010. Fertility of hair ewes supplemented with African palm kernel meal. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 22 (10)

Was evaluated the effect of 0 (HP0) and 30% (HP30) of palm kernel meal inclusion in supplement diets on reproductive performance of primiparous and multiparous hair ewes. In Experiment 1 (DACA location) primiparous Pelibuey and Black Belly ewes were supplemented with 400 g animal-1 d-1 HP0 (n = 20) or HP30 (n = 21). In experiment 2 (San Francisco location) Kathadin multiparous ewes were supplemented with 500 g animal-1 d-1 of the same diets (HP0, n = 48, and HP30, n = 48). 

In DACA the percentage of fertility, prolificacy, birth weight and birth weight were similar (P> 0.05) between HP0 and HP30. In San Francisco the percentage of fertility was different (P <0.05) between HP0 and HP30 (33.33% vs. 58.08%). However, prolificacy and birth weight of lambs were similar. The fertility of ewes supplemented with 30% inclusion of HP can match or better than conventional supplements.

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Luna Palomera et al., 2010