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Silva et al., 1988. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 18 (2): 179-183

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Silva, A. M. de A. ; Pereira, J. A. A. ; Costa, P. M. A. ; Mello, H. V. de, 1989. Use of mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) for feeding pigs. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 18 (2): 179-183

For 28 days, from about 16.5 to 34.3 kg, 32 Landrace X Large White pigs, barrows and female, had ad libitum access to water and diets based on maize and soyabean meal plus minerals and vitamins with 0, 10, 20 or 30% ground dried mesquite pods (Prosopis juliflora). Diets contained 17.6% crude protein. With increasing mesquite levels, dietary crude fibre increased and digestible energy, digestible protein and methionine decreased. Mean daily weight gains reached 692, 645, 576 and 628 g and feed intakes 1521, 1421, 1410 and 1473 g. Differences were not significant. Level of mesquite had a significant linear effect on feed conversion ratio, which increased by 0.0074 for each 1% added.

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Silva et al., 1988