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Chhay Ty et al., 2009. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 21 (11): 200

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Chhay Ty ; Khieu Borin ; Preston, T. R., 2009. Effect of processing taro foliage on growth of pigs fed two grades of rice bran. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 21 (11): 200

Eighteen crossbred castrated male pigs with initial body weights in the range of 16 to 28 kg were allocated to individual pens in 3 blocks according to body weight, and within blocks to a 2*3 factorial arrangement of 6 treatments. The first factor was grade of rice bran (fine or coarse); the second factor was processing of taro foliage (dried leaves, ensiled leaves or ensiled leaves plus petioles). The fine grade rice bran had higher percentages of crude protein and crude fat and less fiber than the coarse grade and supported better performance in growing pigs. Taro leaves and taro leaves+petioles, that had been ensiled with rice bran, were less palatable than taro leaves that had been sun-dried.

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Chhay Ty et al., 2009