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Chhay Ty et al., 2009. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 21 (1)

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Chhay Ty; Khieu Borin; Preston, T.R., 2009. Effect of wilting cassava leaves and supplementing them with DL-methionine, on intake, growth and feed conversion in growing pigs. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 21 (1)

Twenty four crossbred castrated male pigs with initial body weight from 14 to 28kg were allocated to 4 treatments according to a 2*2 factorial arrangement. The factors were: fresh or wilted (24h) cassava leaves and supplementation or not with DL-methionine.  The cassava leaves supplied 36% of the diet DM and 75% of the dietary crude protein, the other ingredients being rice bran and sugar palm syrup. Supplementation with DL-methionine increased growth rate and improved feed conversion when the leaves were fed fresh but had no effect when the leaves were wilted 24 hours. Wilting the leaves 24 hours improved growth rates but not feed conversion in the absence of methionine supplementation but had no effect when supplementary methionine was provided. Daily intakes of the equivalent of 5 mg HCN/ kg live weight were not toxic under the conditions of the experiment.

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Chhay Ty et al., 2009