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Ho Quang Do et al., 2002. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 14 (3): 1-5

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Ho Quang Do; Vo Van Son; Bui Phan Thu Hang; Vuong Chan Tri; Preston, T. R., 2002. Effect of supplementation of ammoniated rice straw with cassava leaves or grass on intake, digestibility and N retention by goats. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 14 (3): 1-5
Five goats (Bach thao breed) of 11.76.4 kg live weight receiving a basal diet of ad libitum ammoniated rice straw (4% urea treatment) were allocated to a 5*5 Latin Square arrangement to compare forage supplements (10 kg/100 kg live weight, fresh basis) of: G, fresh grass; GC1, fresh grass and fresh cassava leaves (75:25 DM basis); GC2, grass and cassava leaves (50:50 DM basis); GC3, grass and cassava leaves (25:75 DM basis); and C, fresh cassava leaves. Increasing the intake of cassava leaves over the range 0 to 47% of the diet DM led to related increases in all measured parameters: intake of ammoniated rice straw, total organic matter and total dry matter; digestibility of organic matter, N, crude fibre and ash; and daily retention of N.
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Ho Quang Do et al., 2002