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Chaudhary et al., 2001. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 14 (5): 646-650

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Chaudhary, L. C. ; Sahoo, A. ; Neeta Agarwal; Kamra, D. N. ; Pathak, N. N., 2001. Effect of replacing grain with deoiled rice bran and molasses from the diet of lactating cows. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 14 (5): 646-650

The effect of feeding concentrate mixture devoid of grain on the performance of crossbred dairy cows was studied. 12 crossbred cows of first/second lactation were randomly distributed into two equal groups. The animals of group 1 were fed on a concentrate mixture containing 30% maize grain whereas, the cows of group 2 were fed concentrate mixture where grain was completely replaced with deoiled rice bran (DORB) and molasses. Wheat straw was given ad libitum to the cows of both group. The feeding was continued for 112 days. The intake of dry matter, CP and TDN were similar in both group. Digestibility of DM, OM, EE, NDF and ADF were also comparable between the groups. The average daily fat corrected milk (FCM) yield was 7.70 kg and 7.43 kg in group 1 and 2, respectively. The chemical composition of milk (protein, fat and total solids) also remained unaffected. The animals of both group gained 9-10 kg body weight which indicates that both diets were nutritionally adequate and grain can be successfully replaced with DORB and molasses from the diet to sustain about 6-7 kg FCM production.

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Chaudhary et al., 2001