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Rivero et al., 2004. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 16 (10)

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Rivero, M. L. ; Nouel Borges, G. ; Sanchez Blanco, R. ; Rojas Castellanos, J. ; Jimenez, J. L., 2004. Poultry litter and rice polishings as supplements to sugar cane bagasse for lamb fattening. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 16 (10)
Crossbred lambs (West African * Dorset) of 17.62.47 kg live weight (n=48) were allocated to four treatments with increasing levels of poultry litter (11, 21, 29, 38%) replacing rice polishings to make up 59.4% of the diet, the remainder being a mixture (0.6%) of salt and sulphur (4:1) and sugar cane bagasse (40%). There were three replications (pens each with 4 lambs) of each treatment. The trial lasted 102 days. There were no differences in feed intake among treatments. Growth rate and feed conversion deteriorated markedly as the level of poultry litter was increased. The diet with 11% poultry litter, 48% rice polishings and 40% sugar cane bagasse supported commercially acceptable levels of performance.
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Rivero et al., 2004