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Figueroa et al., 1993. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 5 (2): 43-48

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Figueroa, V. ; Garcia, A. ; Aleman, E., 1993. Evaluation of potential value of processed organic wastes for pig growing. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 5 (2): 43-48

Twenty-four castrated male pigs of 27 kg initial live weight housed in individual pens were given a basal diet of processed organic wastes and 'B' molasses (39:61 DM basis) and one of three supplement treatments: (C) control with no supplementation; (YC) 2 kg/d of Torula yeast cream (18% DM; 43% N*6.25 in DM); (YD) dried torula yeast mixed with the basal ration to raise the content of N*6.25 to 14% in DM. A mineral mixture was given to pigs on treatments (YC) and (YD). Supplementation increased significantly the growth rate from 62 to 618 and 880 g/d on treatments (YC) and (YD), respectively.

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Figueroa et al., 1993