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Nyarko-badohu et al., 1993. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 5 (1): 54-65

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Nyarko-badohu, D. K. ; Kayouli, C. ; Ba, A. A. ; Gasmi, A., 1993. Evaluation of cereal straws in the feeding of sheep in northern Syria: 1. Treatment with alkalis (Ammonia/Urea). 2. Supplementation with molasses urea blocks. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 5 (1): 54-65

The feeding value of wheat straw (WS) was studied after its treatment with 3.5 kg anhydrous ammonia (ATS) or with 5 kg urea (UTS) using different levels of water: 15 (UTS15), 30 (UTS30) and 45 (UTS45) litres sprayed on 100 kg of straw, or with supplementation with multinutrient blocks (WSBLOCK). Four groups of 30 adult ewes "Queue fine", alloted into 6 groups (replicates) of 5 each, were offered WS (control), UTS45, ATS and WSBLOC. Ewes given WS, UTS45 and ATS received a supplement of 100 g/d barley + minerals. The ewes were used to determine straw and blocks intake and the liveweight change after a feeding period of 4 months. A study of straw degradability was also conducted on 4 male barbarin rumen-fistulated sheep fed UTS45 and supplemented with 100 g/d barley + minerals. The results showed an improvement in total nitrogen content, more than the double of the initial value. Dry matter disappearence of straw after nylon bag incubation for 72 h was raised by 10 and 12 points respectively for UTS45 and ATS. The optimal treatment efficiency measured by the residual urea and straw degradability was obtained with a water level of 45 litres for 100 kg of straw. The intake of untreated straw (WS) decreased markedly (P< 0.05) and there was loss of liveweight (-2.8 kg). Animals fed UTS45 and ATS showed an increase of 30% for straw intake and a positive liveweight change of 4 and 5.7 kg respectively. Multinutrient blocks were very appetizing. An average intake of 180 g/d (DM) increased straw intake by 40% and the liveweight gain (6.4 kg) was markedly higher (P< 0.05) than observed with UTS45 and ATS.

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Nyarko-badohu et al., 1993