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Fernandes et al., 2017. PUBVET, 11 (5): 482-488

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Fernandes, R. T. V. ; Arruda, A. M. V. de ; Melo, A. da S. ; Marinho, J. B. M., 2017. Digestibility, protein digestible and metabolizable energy of grain and sunflower meal for growth slow roosters. PUBVET, 11 (5): 482-488
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Digestibilidade, proteína digestível e energia metabolizável do grão e farelo de girassol para galos de crescimento lento.


This study was realized to determine the nutritional value, digestibility of nutrients, apparent digestible protein and metabolizable energy of grain and sunflower meal to slow growth roosters. 15 roosters of Label Rouge were distributed in a completely randomized design with three treatments: reference ration (RR), from which were included 20% (kg/kg) of grain (SG) and sunflower meal (SM). The poultry were housed individually in cages adapted for excreta collection. The apparent digestibility coefficients of by-products, grain and sunflower meal were: 67.09 and 75.88% for dry matter, 24.56 and 28.55% for crude protein, 10.14 and 17.28% for apparent digestible protein, 94.17 and 77.37% for ether extract, 4.27 and 6.61% for neutral detergent fiber, 3.30 and 6.64% for acid detergent fiber, 63.83 and 57.67% for metabolisation coefficient of gross energy, 3945 and 2840 kcal/kg for apparent metabolisable energy and availability of 2.58 and 12.22% for mineral matter. The inclusion of 20% of grain and sunflower meal in diets for slow growth roosters caused a reduction of the apparent digestibility of all nutrients except for ether extract, metabolisation coefficient of gross energy and metabolisable energy, where the grain sunflower showed if higher.

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Fernandes et al., 2017
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