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Robleto et al., 1992. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (1): 74-79

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Robleto, L. A. ; Guerrero, A. D. ; Farinas, T., 1992. Comparacion de dos niveles de urea en bloque de melaza sobre la ganancia de peso en borregos criollos. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (1): 74-79
Multinutritional blocks were made from molasses, poultry litter, lime and minerals with two levels of urea: 5 and 10%. They were fed to groups each of 4 african hair sheep (20-25 kg initial weight) receiving cut grass (Panicum maximum) of low nutritive value; a control group received only the cut grass. The trial lasted 77 days. Block intake was higher (470 vs 375 g/animal/d) as was liveweight gain (65 vs 32 g/d) for the lower level of urea. The control group lost 32 g/d.
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Robleto et al., 1992