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Tergas et al., 1983. Trop. Anim. Prod., 8 (3): 187-195

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Tergas, L. E. ; Paladines, O. ; Kleinheisterkamp, I. ; Velasquez, J., 1983. Animal production from native pastures with complementary grazing of Pueraria phaseoloides in the eastern plains of Colombia. Trop. Anim. Prod., 8 (3): 187-195

The effect on animal production of grazing livestock on 2 ha of tropical kudzu/animal in combination with natural savanna was studied over 4 yr at Carimagua at 0.25 and 0.5 animals/ha. Grazing was continuous and 33-50% of the savanna was burned at the start and end of the dry season. Access to tropical kudzu was restricted for 3 yr and free in the 4th yr. At 0.25 animals/ha, mean annual production was 118 kg/animal compared with 101 kg at the higher stocking rate, but the effect of stocking rate on liveweight gain/day was only significant during the dry season (183 and 78 g/head day for low and high rates, resp.). Effects were significant due to a greater amount of kudzu on offer in the 1st 2 yr, and yr X stocking rate was also significant. A potential 30% production increase is predicted from the use of kudzu for complementary grazing.

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Tergas et al., 1983