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Costa et al., 2015. Rev. Bras. Zoot., 44 (4): 138-145

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Costa, E. I. de S.; Carvalho, G. G. P. de; Pires, A. J. V.; Dias, C. A. dos S.; Cerutti, W. G.; Oliveira, R. L.; Barbosa, A. M.; Maranhão, C. M. de A., 2015. Feeding behavior and responses in grazing lactating cows supplemented with peanut cake. Rev. Bras. Zoot., 44 (4): 138-145

This experiment was conducted to study the substitution of soybean meal with peanut cake in the supplement by assessing the feeding behavior and the interaction between the thermal environment and the physiological responses of eight crossbred cows with an average live weight of 500 kg. Cows were divided into two 4×4 Latin squares and managed on pasture. The peanut cake was included at the levels of 0, 330, 660, and 1,000 g kg-1 in the supplement as a replacement for soybean meal. The feeding behavior variables were not affected by the levels of peanut cake. No differences were found for the physiological parameters of the animals with the replacement of soybean meal for peanut cake in the supplements. Peanut cake can replace up to 100% soybean meal in the supplement of grazing lactating crossbred cows without altering the feeding behavior or physiological parameters of the animals.

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Costa et al., 2015