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Simons, 2009. Livest. Res. Rural Dev. 21 (7): 105

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Simons, I., 2009. Upgrading the scavenging feed resource base (SFRB) for scavenging chickens; Part I. Preferred perennial species. Livest. Res. Rural Dev. 21 (7): 105

A way to improve the diet for a flock of scavenging chickens is to plant a food forest consisting of perennial trees, shrubs and climbers which produce seeds, fruits and foliage that the birds can eat. That is, upgrade the scavenging feed resource base (SFRB). The chickens’ instinctive food preferences must be considered when upgrading the SFRB. This study investigates their preferences. The seeds of acacias (wattles) were considered to be a promising starting point because most of their seeds are high in protein. Poultry choice tests using the acacia seeds of different species were conducted. The tests were extended to cover the seeds and fruits of other perennial species. Those species which the chickens ate or ate avidly are listed. The non-preferred species will be listed in Part II.

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Simons, 2009