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Becerra et al., 1990. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 2 (2): 15-22

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Becerra, M. ; Murgueitio, E. ; Reyes, G. ; Preston, T. R., 1990. Azolla filiculoides as partial replacement for traditional protein supplements in diets for growing fattening pigs based on sugar cane juice. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 2 (2): 15-22

The aquatic plant Azolla filiculoides was grown in nine tanks of total area 468 m-? and fed as partial replacement (0, 15 and 30%) of the protein in a soyabean-based supplement given in restricted quantities (200 g protein/animal/daily) with fresh sugar cane juice to growing-fattening pigs. The trial was done on a commercial farm in the Cauca Valley in Colombia (1000m above sea level; mean temperature 24?C and rainfall 1100mm).

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Becerra et al., 1990