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Ekpendu et al., 2014. Open J. Ecol., 4: 346-353

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Ekpendu, E. A.; Saliu, J. K.; Otitoloju, A. A., 2014. A checklist of botanical piscicides available in Nigeria. Open J. Ecol., 4: 346-353

The judicious use and rational management of biodiversity are predicated on the identification and documentation of various taxa. A field survey of botanical piscicides and their various uses was carried out in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Six states, each from a geo-political zone of Nigeria, {south-east (Imo State), south-west (Lagos State), north-west (Kaduna State), north-central (Benue State), north-east (Adamawa State) and south-south (Rivers State)} were covered. Four local governments were selected from each of the six states as sampling locations, (a total of 24 local government areas). Luffa cylindrica, Carica papaya, Nicotiana tabacum, Anacardium occidenttale, Senna occidentalis, Raphia venifera, Musa acuminata, Vernonia amygdalina, Jatropha curcas, and Raphia venifera were common to all the areas investigated. Luffa cylindrica was the most frequently used botanical in Rivers, Lagos and Adamawa States (27%, 28% and 24%) respectively, Carica papaya in Kaduna State (24%), and Nicotiana tabacum in Imo and Benue States (28% and 22%) respectively. The least used botanicals across the states are Musa acuminata (2%), Raphia venifera (4%), Musa acuminata (2%), Vernonia amygdalina (2%), Jatropha curcas (3%), and Raphia venifera (1%), for Rivers, Imo, Kaduna, Lagos, Benue and Adamawa States respectively. A comprehensive documentation of our biodiversity will help in rational management and exploitation.

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Ekpendu et al., 2014
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