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Farias et al., 2008. Ciência Anim. Bras., 9 (1): 100-109

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Farias, L. A. ; Lopes, J. B. ; Figueiredo, A. V. de ; Albuquerque, D. M. de N. ; Araujo Neto, A. A. de ; Ramos, L. de S. N. , 2008. Cashew pulp meals (Anacardium occidentale L.) for growing pig: nutrient metabolism and performance. Ciência Anim. Bras., 9 (1): 100-109
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Pseudofruto do cajueiro (Anacardium occidentale L.) para suinos em crescimento: metabolismo de nutrientes e desempenho


The study was conducted to evaluate the nutrient digestibility, metabolizable energy and nitrogen balance of cashew pulp for growing pigs, and determine the effect of different levels of cashew pulp (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%) on the performance of pigs. Four pigs were fed with standard ration and the other four pigs received 30% cashew pulp as part of the standard ration to determine the metabolizable energy of cashew pulp. 40 animals were distributed in a randomized block design with five treatments and four replicates in the performance assay. Results revealed that the nutrient digestibility and metabolism coefficients of the protein and energy of cashew pulp meals were 12.30 and 11.38%, and 23.43 and 21.91%, respectively. The nutrient digestibility and metabolizable energy of cashew pulp meal were 1.123 and 1.051 kcal/kg, respectively. Optimum level of cashew pulp inclusion in the was 20%.

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Farias et al., 2008
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