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Pimentel et al., 2011. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 40(5): 1128-1133

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Pimentel, P. G. ; Pereira, E. S. ; Queiroz, A. C. de ; Mizubuti, I. Y. ; Regadas Filho, J. G. L. ; Maia, I. S. G., , 2011. Intake, apparent nutrient digestibility and ingestive behavior of sheep fed cashew nut meal. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 40(5): 1128-1133
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Consumo, digestibilidade aparente dos nutrientes e comportamento ingestivo em ovinos alimentados com farelo de castanha de caju


The objective of this work was to evaluate intake, nutrient apparent digestibility and ingestive behavior of sheep fed rations with cashew nut meal (CNM) at the levels of 0; 10; 20 and 30% in the concentrate ration. It was used a double 4*4 Latin square experimental design. Intakes of dry matter (DM), organic matter, crude protein, mineral matter, non-fibrous carbohydrates and total digestible nutrients were not influenced by the addition of CNM, however, intake of neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber and total carbohydrates presented a quadratic behavior with the increase of content of lipids in the ration. Apparent digestibility of DM, organic matter, crude protein, NDF, acid detergent fiber and non-fibrous carbohydrates was not influenced by the addition of CNM in the rations; however digestibility of ether extract and total carbohydrates presented quadratic and linear behavior, respectively. It was not observed any significant differences in time spent with feeding and rumination, however, total chewing time was influenced, presenting increasing linear behavior with the levels of CNM. Concerning to intakes of dry matter and NDF per hour, feed efficiency and rumination were not affected by increase on lipid content in the rations. Ruminating chews time per rumen bolus, number of ruminated boli and the number of ruminating chews per day were not influenced by experimental rations. In sheep feeding management, it is suggested as a feeding alternative the use of up to 30% of CNM in the concentrate ration if it is available

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Pimentel et al., 2011
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