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Luciano et al., 2011. Tecnol. Ciên. Agropec., 5 (3): 53-59

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Luciano, R. C. ; Araújo, L. de F. ; Aguiar, E. M. ; Pinheiro, E. L. ; Nascimento, D. S. do, 2011. Review of the potentiality of the cashew peduncle in animal feed. Tecnol. Ciên. Agropec., 5 (3): 53-59
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Revisão sobre a potencialidade do pedúnculo do caju na alimentação animal


The low availability of forage and the high cost of conventional diets has caused great restrictions to livestock production especially in the Brazilian Northeast. The frequent price increases in commercial concentrates has encouraged producers to look for residues from agro-industry as a cheaper alternative source for animal feed. The cashew culture is characterized by being a leading agro-industrial activities in northeastern Brazil and having as the main product in this activity the almond nut is that most of the pseudo-fruit representing 90% of the weight of the cashew fruit is wasted and one way of harnessing of the pseudo-fruit is protein enrichment for use in animal feed

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Luciano et al., 2011