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Pimentel et al., 2012. Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec., 64 (3): 640-648

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Pimentel, P. G.; Reis, R. B.; Leite, L. A.; Campo, W. E.; Neiva, J. N. M.; Saturnino, H. M.; Coelho, S. G., 2012. Intake, digestibility of nutrients and ingestive behavior of dairy cows fed with cashew nut.. Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec., 64 (3): 640-648
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Consumo, digestibilidade dos nutrientes e comportamento ingestivo de vacas leiteiras alimentadas com castanha de caju

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The effect of the inclusion of cashew nut (CN) at the amounts of 0, 8, 16 e 24% in the concentrate portion of the ration on the intake, apparent digestibility of nutrients and ingestive behavior was evaluated, using eight Holstein dairy cows, producing 284 kg milk/day, allocated in a 4*4 double Latin Square Design. Corn silage was used as main forage. The CN contributed with approximately 46.0; 61.8 and 67.7% of total ether extract present in the concentrate when the inclusion levels were 8, 16 and 24%, respectively. The dry matter intake was not altered by the inclusion of CN in the rations, showing mean value of 21.29 kg/day. The digestibility of dry matter and nutrients showed variations that were not related to the increased lipid content of the rations. Although reductions have been observed in the time spent with dry matter intake, the time spent ruminating enabled the chewing activity to not be affected by fat supplementation. The highest proportion of CN added to the concentrate (24%) did not influence the intake, apparent digestibility and ingestive behavior, so it can be recommended as a potential alternative for feeding dairy cows

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Pimentel et al., 2012