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Geron et al., 2013. PUBVET, 7 (12) Art.1549

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Geron, L. J. V.; Trautmann-Machado, R. J.; Moura, D. C. de ; Marques, F. M.; Souza, O. M. de ; Paula Junior, E. H. de., 2013. Cashews, canola, barley, cupuacu and their waste used in ruminant nutrition. PUBVET, 7 (12) Art.1549
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Caju, canola, cevada, cupuacu e seus residuos utilizados na nutricao de ruminantes

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This literature review aims to examine the utility of cashew, canola, barley, and cupuacu, as well as their respective wastes, in ruminant nutrition. Currently, these foods and their wastes are being used for beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats and sheep feeding, resulting in low production costs and high production values

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Geron et al., 2013