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França et al., 2004. Livest. Res. Rur. Dev., 16 (2): 11

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Franca, A. F. de S. ; Orsine, G. F. ; Oliveira, E. R. de ; Dias, M. J., 2004. Substitution of ear maize with straw and sago millet in the diet of lactating goats. Livest. Res. Rur. Dev., 16 (2): 11
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Substituição do milho desintegrado com palha e sabugo pelo milheto em dieta de cabras leiteiras


During an experimental period of 70 days, the production and physico-chemical characteristics of milk were measured in nine Alpine goats, aged between two and four years, in 2nd to 4th lactation, and between the 10th and 20th days of lactation, to verify the effect of substitution of ground ear maize by millet in the ratio of 0, 33 and 67%. The design was a randomized block with three treatments and three replications. Milk production did not differ between treatments therefore it is concluded that ground ear maize can be replaced by millet up a level of 67%.

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França et al., 2004