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Ngo Hong Chin et al., 2012. Livest. Res. Rur. Dev., 24 (10): 188

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Ngo Hong Chin ; Khuc Thi Hue, 2012. Supplementing Tithonia diversifolia with Guinea grass or tree foliages: effects on feed intake and live weight gain of growing goats. Livest. Res. Rur. Dev., 24 (10): 188

Bach Thao * Co goats with an initial weight of 18.1 kg and 5.5 months of age were used to study the effects of supplementing Tithonia diversifolia with Guinea grass, fresh cassava foliage, banana leaves or jackfruit foliage. DM feed intakes were increased by 14 and 25%, and growth rates by 22 and 29%, when the goats were fed (1% of LW as DM) with fresh foliage of cassava and Jackfruit, respectively, replacing Guinea grass as supplements to a basal diet of ad libitum fresh foliage of Tithonia diversifolia.

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Ngo Hong Chin et al., 2012