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Muir, 1992. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (2): 49-54

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Muir, J. P. ; Massaete, E. S. ; Tsombe, H. N., 1992. Effect of Leucaena leucocephala and Brassica napus on growth of pigs fed wheat bran diets. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 4 (2): 49-54
Five groups, each of six mixed breed weanling pigs, were each fed one of the following diets ad libitum for six weeks: commercial feed (CF), wheat bran (WB), WB with leucaena leaves (WB&LL), WB with forage turnip (WB&T) and WB with both leucaena and turnip (WB&LL&T). Average daily weight gains did not differ significantly (P>0.05) between the CF (244 g/day) and the WB&LL&T (194 g/day) diets; both these treatments as well as the WB&LL diet were superior (P<0.05) to the WB only (114 g/day) treatment. Feed conversion on the wheat bran diet was improved by the addition of the forages, 47% for WB&LL, 25% for WB&T and 59% in the WB&LL&T diet. Elaeis guineensis
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Muir, 1992