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Islam et al., 1997. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 10 (6): 629-634

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Islam, K. M. S. ; Shahjalal, M. ; Tareque, A. M. M. ; Howlider, M. A. R., 1997. Complete replacement of dietary fish meal by duckweed and soybean meal on the performance of broilers. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 10 (6): 629-634

One hundred and twelve Starbro broiler chickens, 7 days old, were divided into 16 groups and fed until 56 days of age on isoenergetic (2818 kcal/kg) and isonitrogenous (20.2% CP) diets containing 12% fish meal (FM) (diet A), 3% duckweed (DW) + 13.5% soyabean oilmeal (SBM) (diet B), 6% DW + 11.5% SBM (diet C) or 9% DW + 10% SBM (diet D). All dietary FM protein was replaced by DW and SBM. The replacement of dietary FM by DW and SBM reduced feed intake, liveweight gain and feed conversion efficiency, and increased production costs, affecting profitability. All growth parameters had a linear declining trend as the proportion of DW in the diet increased. The complete replacement of dietary FM by DW and SBM is not recommended for raising broilers.

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Islam et al., 1997