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Phongphanith et al., 2012. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 24 (3): Article 53

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Phongphanith, S. ; Vilaysack, V. ; Inthapanya, S. ; Preston, T. R., 2012. Effect on growth performance of ducks of supplementing a basal diet of rice bran with water spinach, duckweed or ensiled taro leaves. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 24 (3): Article 53

Growing Muscovy ducks (n=36) were fed a basal diet of rice bran mixed with three sources of protein-rich vegetative plants: Water spinach, Duckweed and Taro leaf silage. The bran and supplements were mixed in equal parts on fresh basis and fed ad libitum. Supplements of fresh duckweed and water spinach supported growth rates of 26.5-27.5 g/day. Supplementation with ensiled taro leaves led to lower feed intakes and growth rates. DM feed conversion was similar on all diets in the range of 5.28-5.66.

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Phongphanith et al., 2012