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Alcalde et al., 2011. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 40 (8): 1753-1757

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Alcalde, C. R. ; Grande, P. A. ; Lima, L. S. de ; Macedo, F. de A. F. de ; Zeoula, L. M. ; Paula, M. C. de, 2011. Oilseeds in feeding for growing and finishing 3/4 Boer +1/4 Saanen goat kids. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 40 (8): 1753-1757

In order to evaluate the use of oilseeds in the diet of goat kids, two experiments were performed. Experimental treatments consisted of four different total mixed diets, all containing oat hay, ground corn, soybean meal and mineral supplement, and differing in oilseeds inclusion (dry matter basis), according to the treatments: (1) control (without oilseeds), (2) diet containing 7.87% flaxseed, (3) diet with 7.30% sunflower seed, and (4) diet containing 8.00% canola. In the first experiment (to evaluate the performance), 28 3/4 Boer+1/4 Saanen castrated goat kids (22.66 kg to 30.88 kg BW) were allotted in a randomized design in feedlot. There was no difference between treatments for intake of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein and ether extract, total weight gain, average daily gain, feed conversion or days in feedlot (61 days). In the second experiment (to evaluate the digestibility), four goats (47.421.83 kg BW) were allotted in a 4*4 Latin square. The inclusion of sunflower seeds in the diet increased the intake of neutral detergent fiber. The digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiber, total carbohydrate and total digestible nutrients were not influenced by the addition of oilseeds in the diets. There was higher ether extract digestibility for goats receiving dietary canola. The inclusion of flaxseed (7.30%), sunflower (7.87%) and canola (8.00%) seeds in the diets of 3/4 Boer+1/4 Saanen goats does not improve performance, but can be used without changing intake, digestibility and energy value of diets.

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Alcalde et al., 2011