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Fanimo et al., 2003. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 15 (8)

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Fanimo, A. O.; Oduguwan O. O.; Alade, A. A.; Ogunnaike, T. O.; Adesehinwa, A. K., 2003. Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristic of growing rabbits fed cashew apple waste. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., 15 (8)

The nutritive value of dried cashew apple waste (CAW) was investigated in this study. A basal (control) diet was formulated to meet requirements of growing rabbits and three other diets were formulated by substituting 10, 20  and 30% of the basal diet with CAW. Thirty six 6-week old rabbits were fed these diets and growth performance  was recorded. Faecal apparent digestibility of nutrients was measured in 12 rabbits.  Rabbits fed diets with 20 and 30 % CAW gained weight (P< 0.05) faster than those fed the control diet. Feed  efficiency increased with levels of CAW in the diets with rabbits on 30% CAW being most efficient. Crude  protein digestibility decreased (P< 0.05) with increased level of CAW. There were no significant differences (P>  0.05) in the blood metabolites except cholesterol level which increased (P< 0.05) with CAW inclusion in the  diets. Inclusion of CAW also increased (P< 0.05) the relative weights of kidney, liver and carcass cut parts. 

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Fanimo et al., 2003