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Pedroso et al., 2009. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 38 (8): 1614-1619

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Pedroso, A. M. ; Santos, F. A. P. ; Bittar, C. M. M., 2009. Replacing corn grain with corn gluten feed in the diet of feedlot lactating cows. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 38 (8): 1614-1619
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Substituição do milho em grão por farelo de glúten de milho na ração de vacas em lactação em confinamento


Thirty mid-lactating Holstein-Friesian cows (159 DIM) were used to evaluate the substitution of ground corn with gluten feed (FGM-21) in total mixed diets containing corn silage as the main forage and citrus pulp as part of the energy source. Treatments were no FGM-21 and 20% ground corn in total feed DM (FGM 0), 10% FGM-21 and 10% ground corn in total feed DM (FGM 10) and no corn and 20% FGM-21 in total feed DM (FGM 20). The parameters evaluated were dry matter intake, milk yield and composition, milk urea N concentration, blood parameters and body condition score. Cows were randomly assigned in ten 3*3 Latin squares, according to milk yield, days in lactation and parity. Treatments did not affect the daily dry matter intake (DMI, (21.19 kg/day), milk yield (24.88 kg/day), FCM yield (25.34 kg/day), milk fat content (3.62%) and milk total solids (11.86%)). Inclusion of corn gluten feed affected milk protein, lactose and urea concentrations. 

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Pedroso et al., 2009