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Vieira et al., 2008. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 37 (12): 2173-2178

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Vieira, P. A. F. ; de Queiroz, J. H. ; Albino, L. F. T. ; de Moraes, G. H. K. ; Barbosa, A. D. ; Muller, E. S. ; Viana, M. T. D., 2008. Effects of inclusion of mango residues on performance of broilers chickens from 1 to 42 days. Rev. Bras. Zootec., 37 (12): 2173-2178
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Efeitos da inclusão de farelo do resíduo de manga no desempenho de frangos de corte de 1 a 42 dias


An experiment was carried out to evaluate the use of residue mango (Mangifera indica L., var. Uba) meal (RMM) in diets of broiler chickens from 1 to 42 days old. A total of 600 male Ross chicks were distributed to a completely randomized design, with 5 diets and with 6 repetitions of 20 birds each. Diets consisted of the inclusion of 0.0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0% of RMM in diets based on corn and soybean meal. Feed consumption, average daily weight gain, feed conversion ratio and productive efficiency index were evaluated. In the period from 1 to 42 days, there was no effect of RMM levels in feed consumption. Average daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio was not also affected by inclusion of 2.5 and 5.0% of RMM in the diet. The inclusion up to 5% of residue of mango meal in the diet did not affect the performance of chickens in the period from 1 to 42 days old.

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Vieira et al., 2008