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Gomes et al., 2008. Ciência Anim. Bras., 9 (1): 59-67

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Gomes, J. D. F.; Putrino, S. M.; Martelli, M. dos R.; Sobral, P. J. do A.; Fukishima, R. S., 2008. Performance and carcass characteristics of pigs fed with Tifton hay (Cynodon dactylon). Ciência Anim. Bras., 9 (1): 59-67
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Desempenho e caracteristicas de carcaca de suinos alimentados com dieta com feno de Tifton (Cynodon dactylon)


The study was conducted to determine the effect of fibrous diet based on grass hay on the performance, carcass quality and production cost of pigs. 50 crossbred pigs composed of 26 postweaning and 24 growing-finishing animals were fed with isoproteic and isoenergetic diets with 0 or 10% Tifton hay and 0 or 8% neutral detergent fibre (NDF). The animals were slaughtered after the feeding trials. Results revealed that diets with 8% NDF had no significant effect on the body weight, liveweight gain, feed conversion, loin eye area, carcass yield and leanness, but affected the pork leg yield of the animals in the postweaning phase. It was observed that diets with 8% NDF significantly decreased the backfat thickness of the animals. It is concluded that the formulated diet has no adverse effect on the carcass quality of the pigs.

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Gomes et al., 2008